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Marijuana | CBD Oil | Hemp… What’s The Big Deal?

There has been a stigma surrounding Marijuana and all its properties for many years in many parts of the world. Even though it has been known for more than two decades that the human body actually produces its own types of cannabinoids; there has been resistance to use a plant that is known to contain more than a 100 types of cannabinoids.

The cannabinoids produced by your own body have been shown to have effects on almost every part of your health including all your sense, memory, pain, body movements, and emotional regulation such as pleasure. (No surprise then that some people really enjoy getting high but you can get those benefits without having to smoke.)

What Is A Cannabinoid?

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A cannabinoid is the term given (by Chemists) where there is a unique or inherent component found within the Cannabis Sativa plant. basically chemicals unique to the plant. At the time of writing this post, there are 66 types of Cannabinoids.

As a further note, the most common and well known/ researched cannabinoid (which for simplicity I will now refer to Cannabinoids as CBD) which is known as delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol – A THC. The THC is the substance mainly responsible for the psychoactive and Addictive effects of cannabis which for obvious reasons has cast a negative spin on the benefits of Cannabis and CBD’s.

Similar to Opiates (unique substances found in the Opium Poppy for example Heroin), cannabinoids (CBD’s) affect the human body on a tremendous scale specifically via communication with receptors based in our central nervous system)

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For millions of people suffering from a wide range of general and specific health conditions, there is not easy access to a natural alternative which could provide safer and much more affordable treatment when compared to doctors visits, pills, therapy, and surgery.

While in no way is the plant and its by products a full blown cure  – there are a number of areas where the health benefits are so profound and acute – to the point that there is just no argument whatsoever that CBD/THC do have medical/ beneficial health properties and thus they should no longer be ignored (especially by those who are looking for relief.)

The two most common types of oils readily available for consumers are hemp oil and CBD oil.

CBD oil does have a higher percentage of THC so it is better for health treatment compared to hemp oil but the percentage is not high enough to cause the feeling of being high that would come from lighting up a joint.

And while getting high may be the first thing some people think of when they think of Marijuana, this is all about the great healing possible without having to worry about getting high and be under the influence of THC.

In the UK and Europe, Ideally one wants to be using 0% THC based CBD products, but in America, it is definitely possible to get products with a small, non harmful (and completely legal) dose of THC content.

Overdoing it on the THC can have adverse effects in some individuals and actually cause paranoia and anxiety. With that in mind, for the best health results do what works best for you.

CBD Is Changing The World

As a side note:

CBD Oils (and their derivatives) are becoming more and more popular due to their health benefits as mentioned and highlighted above. I believe that exposing this information is paramount, one way you can help others is by making the product more accessible and the information more available. A good start would be to check out my store and see what products you feel would be of benefit to you.

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